Kontulan hallivuorot & Skeittikoulut

Tarjoamme ilmaisia HALLIVUOROJA Kontulan hallilla HELride Collectiven jäsenille tänäkin vuonna. Vuoroille pääset kun maksat jäsenyyden. Early Bird -hintaiset jäsenmaksut myynnissä nyt.
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Suvilahti DIY Skatepark is a lot more than an ordinary city built skatepark. It’s an act of community and it has a rich and important part in the Finnish skateboarding scene and history.

It’s existence is threatened as the city of Helsinki is planning to ”relocate” it... meaning demolishing it.

HELP US to keep the park as it was built and to keep it growing and thriving:

✅ Watch the ”DO IT TOGETHER” documentary:

✅ Sign the petition.

Share it, like it, comment, show it to your friends and parents. The more the info of the parks history and threat of existence gets exposed the better chances we have keeping it.

👋🏼 Greetings to the policy makers at Helsingin kaupunkiympäristö

🎬 clips from the DO IT TOGETHER documentary by @saerkkae @photo.oona and @noitakallio 🙏🏻